Diamond Source Light Instruction Video


Using the Energy with Intention

  1. Rub your hands together
  2. With your fingers loose and slightly bent, hold your hands in front of you, facing each other, and pull up earth energy by your intention.
  3. Once you feel the energy between your hands hold your hands upright facing the body arms at head level.
  4. Once you feel your fingers tingling turn on the soure light energy.
  5. Now very slowly move the hands down the body.
  6. Notice when the energy begins to run much stronger in your body or when you sense that area needs more energy.
  7. Hold your hands in that area until the energy normalizes.
  8. Slowly move your hands up and down the body several times, pausing as necessary to clear and nromalize that part of the body


As Part of Qi Gong Exercise

Start the exercise as described above. This time after raising hands and turning on the energy do the following very slowly:

  1. Rub your face up and down 3 times
  2. Rub the top of your head 3 times
  3. Lightly and slowly pat down your torso 3 times
  4. Lightly and slowly pat down your sides from your underarm 3 times on each side
  5. Lightly and slowly pat down then up each arm 3 times
  6. Lightly and slowly pat down the top of each knee with hands cupped 3 times
  7. Lightly and slowly pat the sides of each knee 3 times
  8. Once again Rub your face, then massage your ears.

Do this twice a day as maintenance.

Learn More About this Energy

This is part of the Dancing Bear Holistic Transformation Program which is a 3-month Program for boosting one's intuition to the level of a Mystic and to give people confidence in their intuirive abailities

This energy is partially directed by the practitioner and by the client for healing at all levels:

    1. Spirit Level or Electromagnetic
    2. Soul Level or Consciousness
    3. Mind Level or Intelligence
    4. Emotional Level
    5. Physical Level


To enhance and direct the energy one may use it with Qi Gong techniques, or one can just hold the hands up at heart level and meditate with the energy.

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